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Humorous Motivational Speaker
Inducted into the
National Speaker Hall of Fame
Laugh and Learn!

Dr. Charles Petty is a professional and humorous motivational speaker and has spoken to over 3100 different clients in 50 states and 15 countries. Audiences laugh and learn. They give him standing ovations. He routinely receives the ultimate compliment paid any professional motivational speaker – invitations back again and again. To see if Dr. Charles Petty can be a partner with you in lifting your audience up the ladder of success, browse through this web site. Thanks…and Good Climbing!

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Dr. Charles Petty
Humorous Motivational Speaker
Family Success Unlimited
P.O. Box 19906
Raleigh, North Carolina 27619
Phone: (919) 846-7388
Fax: (919) 676-9962

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Charles Petty is a humorous and educational professional motivational speaker.
He has the rare ability to package profound, life-changing truths in humor.
He has a soft southern accent and uses original humor that is never off-color.

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